Hello friends and family,

As most of you already know, I am deployed (again) to southern
Afghanistan. This is an email to request (no obligation) for some
desperately needed items for our combat wounded American Heroes. Unless you have been deployed to a Forward Operating Base (FOB) or dirt airstrip before, you really can't even begin to imagine what these guys are going through. When we go out to pick these combat wounded off of the battlefield, they only have what they are wearing. Most of the time their uniforms have to be cut off and thrown away because of all of the blood. When they come into the hospital they are only wearing a dirty and bloody T-shirts and underwear. Once they are stabilized, they have a long and cold trip back to Germany wearing sometimes only underwear. To me this is unacceptable.... these guys are giving their lives and sometimes body parts for this country to be treating like this. Below is a list of items needed immediately, again THERE IS NO OBLIGATION, if
you can help out, you will be doing a great service for your country and the wounded Marines, Soldiers and Airmen.

I want to first thank you for your support for the combat wounded. We have received hundreds of boxes of new clothes from red-blooded Americans like you.  We have already started to hand carry boxes of needed supplies to the Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). If you know someone who still wants to help, we need snacks for these guys, something like candy, snacks, and treats… something that we can pass out to the wounded during their flights to Germany. All we have to feed them is Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and the guys are really sick of eating them. I have never had anyone turn down anything that reminded them of home.
We have several nurses here and they loved your little gifts and tips for them. I am trying to get all of the nurses together to get a picture for you.
Thank you so much again for all that yo u have done.

Scott W.

Our Wounded Heroes
In Loving Memory of
Spc. Daniel A. Fuentes